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Bexley, Ohio Things to do in Bexley, Ohio

Bexley, Ohio is a small city located just east of Columbus. Here are some things to do in Bexley:

  1. Visit Jeffrey Park and Mansion: Enjoy the beautiful gardens, hiking trails, and historic mansion at Jeffrey Park. This park also hosts seasonal events such as the Bexley Farmers’ Market and the Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony.
  2. Explore Main Street: Bexley’s Main Street is home to a range of unique shops, cafes, and restaurants, including the popular Johnson’s Real Ice Cream.
  3. Tour Capital University: Take a tour of the beautiful campus of Capital University, which features historic buildings, academic programs, and a range of cultural events.
  4. Visit the Drexel Theatre: Catch a movie at the historic Drexel Theatre, which offers a range of independent and mainstream films.
  5. Attend the Bexley Art and Music Festival: This annual festival features live music, art exhibits, food vendors, and other activities.
  6. Play golf: Bexley offers several golf courses, including the historic Jeffrey Park Golf Course and the Columbus Country Club.
  7. Go ice skating: Enjoy a day of ice skating at the Chiller Ice Rink, which offers public skating sessions, skating lessons, and hockey leagues.
  8. Visit the Ohio Governor’s Mansion: Take a tour of the Ohio Governor’s Mansion, located in the nearby city of Columbus. This historic mansion features beautiful architecture, furnishings, and artwork.

These are just a few of the many things to do in Bexley, Ohio. Whether you’re looking for outdoor recreation, cultural experiences, or shopping and dining, Bexley has something to offer everyone.