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DYI: Replace your own faucet

Step-by-Step: How to Replace Your Faucet

I don’t know about you, but I’m all for cutting down on home repairs! I spoke with a friend who’s a plumber and asked him to give me step by step instructions for replacing my kitchen faucet. Here’s what be told me to do in 14 easy steps:

1) Go underneath kitchen sink in cabinet and turn off hot and cold water shutoff

2) Open faucet to allow any residual water leave the faucet

3) Use crescent wrench to loosen and remove 3/8” water supply nut from shutoff under sink

4) Get a small bucket to put the supply lines in once removed from shutoff to allow any water left in the lines to disperse into the bucket

5) Remove nut/screws from the underside of the faucet. It’ll either be attached to the sink or the countertop

6) Once nuts/screws removed then remove faucet

7) Clean area of any debris and then install new faucet

8) Secure new faucet to the countertop/sink with the new appropriate hardware

9) Attach supply lines to new faucet if the faucet doesn’t come already pre assembled with supply lines built in

10) Use crescent wrench to attach 3/8” nut from supply lines hot and cold to hot and cold water shutoff under sink

11) Turn on shutoffs and check for leaks

12) Before turning on faucet, remove aerator that is screwed into the spout. With that removed turn on the faucet to allow water to pass through and any debris leave the faucet

13) Screw aerator back in

14) Turn on faucet again and check for leaks

I hope this helps you as much as it did me! Of course, if you don’t have the time for a home repair, contacting your local plumber is always a great idea. They are the experts after all!

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