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Benefits of Staging Your Home

Benefits of Staging your Home Before Selling

Are you getting ready to sell and wondering if you should stage your home during the process? We’ve got the answers for you!

Staged home for sale

In short: Staging absolutely results in both selling a property faster and at a better price.

Benefits of staging include:

  • Getting a higher offer
  • Selling quicker
  • Give a great first impression
  • You will see an increase in number of listing views
  • Your home will stand out in the market
  • Buyers make sense of the floorplan
  • The good is highlighted with a distraction from the bad

You have a few options when looking to stage your home. You can choose to do the process yourself (DIY); you can look to your real estate agent for help; or you can bring in a professional staging company to do the work on your behalf. In some cases, you could also do a combination of these options.

  • DIY: If you’re confident in your abilities to design and present the property, or you simply want to save some cash, doing your home staging yourself can be a good option. Things you might want to consider include: repainting and touching up the walls, rearranging your furniture, adding new throw pillows, removing any personal photos or décor and adding warm touches like fresh flowers.
  • Your Real Estate Agent: Many real estate agents believe strongly in staging’s ability to improve a home sale. As a result, they will help their clients prepare and stage the home before photographing it, listing it or beginning to market it. While some might only provide recommendations for how sellers can stage the home themselves, other agents will get hands-on in the process. They may even have a collection of décor items they can share with you to spruce up the property.
  • Professional Stagers: If you’re looking for a more hands-off way to stage your home, you can opt for a professional stager or staging company. These are experts in the field who often have interior decorating, design or even real estate experience that can work in your favor.

There are many ways to stage a home that will likely help you sell it faster and at a better price. But whatever step you take, keep in mind that you’re doing so to make the visitor feel at home.

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